Our mission is to fight childhood hunger and change children’s lives one hand at a time in underserved and low income communities through housing, education, training and mentoring programs.

Nationwide 22 million children get free and reduced lunch during the school year. Unfortunately, 19 million of those same children don’t eat during the summer months which equates to about 10 weeks. RHH is committed to confronting this challenge and helping feed our children during the summer months.

We do more than just feed children during the summer. We make a difference in our community year round with our “SIGNATURE PROGRAMS”
– Walk-A-Thon to fight summer childhood hunger
– Weekend Food Bag
– International Healthy Snack Drive
– Winter coat giveaway
– Toy giveaway at Christmas

Children are our future. We invest our time, energy and love into them. Our goal is to acquire the support of the entire community. Which will enhance our chances of providing a stable well rounded adolescent experience for all our children. Instilling within them every skill, trade and support needed to be successful at whatever their heart desires.