• Clifford Bush

    Clifford Bush

    + Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Benedict College. + Masters Degree in Public Administration from Kent State University where he graduated with honors. + Received his law degree from Howard University. + Immediately following law school Mr. Bush worked in the field of law and in 2006 formed the Law office of Clifford Bush […]

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  • Sheena Garrett

    Sheena Garrett

    + Sheena is Georgia native, born and raised in Decatur, GA right outside of the city of Atlanta. Sheena obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from the University of West Georgia and her MBA from Central Michigan University. Her professional background is in Human Resources. She worked for the City of Atlanta for 10 […]

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  • Corey Perlman

    Corey Perlman

    Corey Perlman has been in the field of digital marketing for over 15 years. He began his career with the eCommerce division of General Motors, helped build and sell a startup, and then started his speaking and consulting business in 2009. He’s since worked with top brands such as Sysco Foods, The PGA Tour, Cox […]

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  • Whitney Honn

    + Health/PE Teacher at Bishop Kelly High School. + Varsity Basketball Coach. + Masters in Teaching from Concordia University

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  • Bem Joiner

    Bem Joiner

    + Marketing Coordinator for The Center For Civic Innovation + Co-Founder of The Tomorrows + Co-Founder of CreativeCall.org + Consulted with various brands on lifestyle marketing campaigns, including but not limited to Sprite, Mississippi Department of Education, thetruth.com, National Black Arts Festival, Nissan, Jack Daniels & Vitamin Water

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  • Alexis Bethea

    Alexis Bethea

    + Graduate of Sam Houston State University – Major: Criminal Justice + Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority + Analyst I at Hyundai Finance  

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